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By osteopath, Apr 25 2013 05:01PM

Congratulations if you're pregnant!!! and reading this blog!!!

Its a beautiful time in a woman's life, only it can be more than strenuous at times. The body is going through fast big changes - in terms of structure (bigger breasts, bigger bump, bigger lordosis) and physiology (nausea, bloating, tiredness). Through the 9 months of you're lovely baby intrauterine life your body is changing to give the most comfortable intrauterine experience.

The first trimester of the pregnancy is all about - hormones (endocrinology). Best time to meditate, keep happy and cope with the nausea. Get those happy hormones up!

As the pregnancy progresses - the body's structure kicks in; breasts grow ready for breast feeding causing you're shoulder to become rounded, with stiffness and aching in the shoulder neck and mid-back. Possibly causing more strain of the lower back. Your abdomen grows slightly weaker with the load and causes the lumber spine to become more lordotic.

Often in the late stages of pregnancy the sacro-iliac joint / lumber sacral joints will become strained as the baby gets heavier and the ligaments become lax (ready for labour).


The body is going through so many change, osteopathy helps reduce the symptoms that are not so tolerable.

What we can do for you?

- Come in and get you're self "checked out"!.

- Lower back pain can be prevented by releasing restriction and tension in your body.

- Osteopathy can help you prepare for an easier labour by keeping the pelvis supple, mobile and ready for labour.

- Other conditions i.e. neck and shoulder aches, carpel tunnel syndrome ad sciatica ect.

What can you do?

- Keep moving through the pregnancy, try to keep as active as possible.

- Sleep with a pillow between the knees and under the bump.

- When sitting; keep the knees below the hips, with your bottom well back into the chair, better still- sit on a foam wedge or a chair that tilts forward, thence encourages the baby to lie correctly.

- " Walk tall", pushing your head upwards as if suspended by a string. Try not to allow your lower back to slump into hollow position. Try and keep your bottom 'tucked' in to reduce strain on the lower back. Maintain equal weight on both legs.

- When lifting and carrying especially lifting or carrying other children. Do not carry a small child on one hip for any length of time.

- Try and keep you're knees together when getting in and out of the car, turning in bed and getting in and out of bed.

Any questions; give us a call, email or come in for a consultation!

All the best!


By guest, Jan 24 2013 03:58PM

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