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Natural Health 

Headaches/ Migraines

London Osteopathic Care has been treating headaches and migraines for more than 7 years. Kam Panesar has mastered the science and art of osteopathy to treat and advise on headaches and migraines.


Headaches present in many different ways; tension headaches, sinus headache, medicated headache, cluster headaches ect. Each type of headache needs to be examined thoroughly and treated differently.


If you have experienced any trauma, such as a hit to the head and find yourself with a headache; GPs and Osteopaths recommend you go to A&E.


Migraines are slightly different to headaches as the come with an aura. London Osteopathic Care has been treating Migraines for more than 7 years with recognition from local GPs and The Daily Mail .com.


There are three main reasons to a migraine; change in neurology, nutrition and hormones. K. Panesar will go through all and tailor an osteopathic treatment than will met all your needs accordingly.