Welcome to your alternative healthcare clinic!

London Osteopathic Care has been treating the community of West London since 2008. We work with all forms of muscular-skeletal injuries, dysfunctions and pathology’s . Please email in if you have any queries?

There are a limited number of bookings due to thorough sanitation before and after appointments.

What to expect from your visit

Procedure for every individual entering the clinic:

  • You will need to wear your own mask throughout session — this is important for your health and ours!
  • You will be provided hand sanitiser when you enter the clinic and your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer.
  • You will be given the opportunity to wash your hands at any time during consultation and treatment
  • Have high spec. air purifier on for your comfort throughout your visit
  • Be sanitising treatment rooms before and after every patients

Online Rehabilitation Consultations!

If you would still prefer an online consultation, we are still offering these on Wednesdays. Get in touch to book your online consultation.

Whatever the pain be it sciatica, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, planter fasciitis or pregnancy pains we can help you! We will Create bespoke osteopathic rehabilitation routine for your social distancing/ self isolation time out! We are here to help you get the best out of your self-isolation!

With the UK now in lockdown, I was really concerned as I was just at the end of treatment for lower spinal hyper mobility. I shouldn’t have worried! Kam came through with her use of the PhysioTec app, sending a full set of exercises to me that she has been guiding me through via video consultation. She can also follow my progress against the exercise programme she has created and can adjust the programme as needed. Kam’s support via video link and the PhysioTec app has been invaluable, ensuring that while I’m at home in lock down, I’ve still received top class care. Absolutely recommended!” Xander 03/2020