APPI Pilates

(Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute Pilates)

Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI) is recognised for pioneering -unique cutting edge physiotherapy with specialised Pilates programmes. There is a strong reputation held with the orthodox medical professions for the delivery of high quality rehabilitation Pilates. This type of Pilates is particularly for those who have injured themselves or are in pain or discomfort.  

London Osteopathic Care delivers first class one to one APPI Pilates. Our consultation room is fully equipped for you- with Pilate’s equipment and matt studio rehabilitation area. Ours extended business hours allow you to take a lesson when convenient for you

Our APPI specialist has worked with many people from the athlete teenager to the middle aged sedentary worker and retired senior. Osteopathy works hand in hand with Pilates and complements it so that you are achieving great stability where there are areas of weakness.

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