Why book an Online Consultation with London Osteopathic Care?

COVID -19 has caused us all to be more dynamic with our treatment of pain relief. London Osteopathic Care has been providing treatment for West London for over 12 years.

Our Consultant Osteopath Ms Kam Panesar has worked with Westminster NHS “Musculoskeletal Clinical Assessment Triage and Treatment Services”and is qualified with Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute.

Whatever the pain be it sciatica, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, planter fasciitis or pregnancy pains we can help you!

How to book an Online Consultation and how will the consultation be taken?

Follow the steps below:


On Wednesdays, we take online osteopathic consultations.

You will be sent an email invitation with a link to a zoom call, where the consultation will take place. Simply click on the zoom link at the time of your appointment.

Medical Case History

Our Consultant will go through what’s troubling you at the moment, your medical case history, any medication you’re on and your general well being.

Active Movements

The Consultant will go through a series of movements with you (it would help if you had the are of pain shown otherwise shorts and vest top are good).


The consultant will discus their diagnosis and the types of exercises she would like you to do. The exercises will be sent to your email address, where you can get access to a video of your exercises with step by step instructions.


You can also track your progress and the Consultant can monitor your progress. When you book online, you can get FREE 10 minute consultation if you find any exercises particularly difficult!