Shockwave Therapy

Extracorpeal Shockwave Therapy advanced, evidence-based method of treating the tissue symptoms of broken bone, a sports injury, tendon and ligament. High energy radial waves are applied to the injured area promoting increase in blood and nervous supply. Shockwave therapy has now become the elite method of care to traditional surgical methods. London Osteopathic Care has now got the most recent in technology covering the international shockwave machines. Shorks Extracorpeal Shockwave machines have been awarded a Scientific Shock Wave Award You may let your therapist know, so they may adjust a osteopathic treatment to include shockwave therapy.

“STORZ MEDICAL »Scientific Shock Wave Award« The »Scientific Shock Wave Award« was created by STORZ MEDICAL to honor outstanding medical achievements and research in the field of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). This year’s award ceremony took place on the first day of MEDICA. The award was given to the two orthopaedists Dr Stephan Swart and Dr Carlo Di Maio from Neukirchen-Vluyn/Germany. The jury explained their decision by saying that »both physicians have contributed significantly to the further development of shock wave therapy and to a better patient care.”