Will *****

” …….Thank you for all your help. You have been a great help to me and my family and I am feeling better than before I went to see you! …….”

Gigi *****

“Kam has given my back a new lease of life. The stiffness and pain which I thought was par for the course as you got older has gone and now anyone who mentions back pain to me is sent straight to Kam so she can sort them out, osteopathy at it’s best!”

Maria *****

 “Kam has worked wonders on me! I was seen as an emegency with acute lower back pain and unable to walk, diagnosed and treated as a prolapse disc with associated nerve pain (later confirmed on MRI). Within 6 weeks of treatment, I have full movement restored and have avoided the need for an epidural! I have seen many Osteopaths but now would see no one else! Thank you!”

Bianca *****

 “I was suffering terrible migraines every week for years and then I met Kam! She worked her magic with a combination of soft tissue techniques such as manipulation, stretching and gentle cranial osteopathy to relieve them. I now only have two a month, which is a huge result considering I have tried everything from beta blockers to accupuncture. Plus, she always made me feel so at ease and generally more balanced and grounded (in both senses!) Thanks Kam!”

Debra ****

“Kam is an excellent therapist: she has the ability to make you feel completely comfortable with her within minutes of your first meeting which makes it easy to discuss treatment areas/issues.  Kam’s natural empathy then takes over and you soon work out you are in very safe hands indeed.  I leave each treatment readjusted and refreshed, ready to take on my busy and active life all over again!” 

Daily Mail Online*****

“At the end of your tether with Migraines? You must meet Kam Panesar at Adamina Spa Kensington. She is expertly trained in osteopathy to feel tension changes across your body and uses a combination of soft tissue  techniques  such as manipulation, stretching and gentle crainial osteopathy to relieve it . Her skills also help inprove posture and she takes into account how the whole spine moves along with your pelvis, sacrum and crainial bones. Working her magic, she increases motion of the cranial boneswhich help the blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid flow around the brain, banishing headaches. It isnt just migraines she helps with , she can give expert advice on sretching excerises, correct posture and seating positions and help with a whole number of problems, particularly lower back pain, plus, she will make you feel right at ease.”


“My pain is totally gone now . I’m very thankful for your treatment. God bless you. Thanks.”


“You really are an amazing practitioner, what you did last night was nothing short of miraculous!”


“I travel to Europe alot, for work and have seen many physiotherapist and osteopaths (eight to be exact). None of them have given me the relief you have. Many thanks!”



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