Bianca explains how she has suffered from migraines for years until she met Kam at London Osteopathic Care.

“At the end of your tether with Migraines? You must meet Kam Panesar at Adamina Spa Kensington. She is expertly trained in osteopathy to feel tension changes across your body and uses a combination of soft tissue  techniques  such as manipulation, stretching and gentle cranial osteopathy to relieve it . Her skills also help improve posture and she takes into account how the whole spine moves along with your pelvis, sacrum and cranial bones. Working her magic, she increases motion of the cranial bones which help the blood flow and cerebro-spinal fluid flow around the brain, banishing headaches. It isn’t just migraines she helps with , she can give expert advice on stretching exercises, correct posture and seating positions and help with a whole number of problems, particularly lower back pain, plus, she will make you feel right at ease.” 

Daily Mail Online